How to Market a Product in Nigeria

Every business thrives on customer base, and in essence, sales. If you are not selling, you are definitely not in business, even if you have a fancy flagship building or a large number of staff. Having people who exchange their money for your product is the ultimate mark of being in business.

Yet, there are probably a million people doing the kind of business you do, or even selling the product you sell. Even when there is something unique about your product, you still have a task to do, which would bring in sales and keep you in business. This task is called marketing.

To market a product is to create awareness about your product and convince prospectice buyers that your product is the next best thing after Burger. Everything you do to convince people of buying your products is called Marketing.

However, it is pertinent to note that marketing strategies that worked in America might not work in Nigeria. So how do you go about marketing your product in Nigeria?

Effective marketing in Nigeria can only be done when you understand Nigerians and what influences buying. A typical Nigeria is influenced by the buying choices of people they look up to, like celebrities and industry influencers, that is why the first marketing strategy I will introduce to you is Influencer Marketing.

  1. Influencer Marketing: This is a strategy where industry influencers and celebrities tell their large fan base that your product is worth their naira. For example, you are selling a weight loss product. You can say your product is the best from now until next year and no one may ask for the price of your product. But the moment a celebrity or an influencer recommends your product, just like magic, people start buying. This is why on Instagram,  you see products being marketed by actors, music stars and social media celebrities.

  2. Sponsor Events: This is one new way Nigerian business people have learned to market their products. A case study is Payporte, an online store which caters to fashion needs of both men and women. In the beginning, no one was interested in what they had to offer because we already had the likes of Konga and Jumia.But after they became the major sponsor for a reality show that has almost 170 million Nigerians watching, they began to experience sales like never before. Nigerians love to associate with events that are entertaining. These events are where your customers are. You do not have to be a major sponsor, but sponsor an event puts you in the face of your customer s and increases brand  visibility.

  3. Online Marketing: Since the world went global, with technology connecting people and bridging the gap, a new avenue of marketing has opened up. While in yesteryears, businesses advertised their products on television. But now, businesses have gone online, because this is where their customers are. You can do online marketing through blogs where you give free content pertaining to your product, social media platforms like Facebook groups, Instagram pages or in Nigreria you can open AfricaLinked page. You can also do online marketing through email newsletters, advertisement on websites, etc.

  4. Television and Radio Advertising: This is still very effective. Nigerians have favorite television and radio stations, so if you market your products on these platforms, your will increase sales as it brings your products before a large number of people.

  5. Price Marketing: Experts might argue that a reduction in price is not an effective marketing strategy, but in Nigeria, it works. Price marketing is a way of reducing price in order to gain more customers and it is effective because Nigerians love to get quality products at competitive prices. Hypo threw out Jik from the Nigerian market because Hypo performed the same functions as Jik, but was much cheaper than the latter.

  6. Market at Trade fairs and Exhibitions:  This is another great avenue to market your products. At trade fairs, Nigerians are exposed to a wide range of products, because businesses have found out a great marketing opportunity with trade fairs and exhibitions.

With these strategies, I am confident that you would be able to build an effective marketing system that would drive sales.