To me, Facebook only rocks good as an advertising platform to buy highly targeted social traffic. You can profit from it significantly if you’re a vetted online advertising expert. Meanwhile that’s really tough for an average marketing Joe. Facebook does its best to prevent you from taking its traffic to your website at no cost and force you to pay. That’s what makes it abhorrent for me and you.

There seems to be no way to promote anything for free when you’ve just started your profile and fan page from scratch and only have a few friends, fans and followers. Doesn’t matter if your content is worth a noble prize or a garbage can. It’s not going anywhere, it’s just kept dusty on its place. No publicity means death.

Spam the heck out of those groups full of trash, nerdy fan pages, give likes to people you don’t give a damn about, comment on insipid posts, etc. Waste hours a day for a bunch of hits to your blog. Work your hands and sanity off for zilch. Makes no sense.

Your primary goal is to build a quality Facebook audience around your brand. Only then you market to it and see success. A huge audience grows rapidly and markets your business on autopilot sharing any message you wanna convey to their numerous circles of friends.

How do you actually grow your network of relevant connections? Well, you can pay Facebook and run your ads. Alternatively, you can use literally any kind of advertising available online. You might prefer a different solution that delivers better results for lower prices. For example, one of my pals put an ad on a popular app in his niche. They only charged him a monthly fee. He announced an awesome freebie in reward for likes. The bottom line was astounding. Hundreds of human fans as cheap as mud in comparison to PPC. Of course, every seventh person in the world is on Facebook, so they just log in and go.

But don’t buy packages of ”real human fans” and ”real likes” for any cash. This is always a scam. No matter how beautiful their lie is, leave them alone with their bots. Robotic fans don’t increase your exposure. They may get your account suspended. The only decent way to promote your Facebook profile, page and group for free is through third party free traffic sources. This could be your own website, your mailing list, other social networks, forums, etc.

However, it’s crucial to offer an awesome incentive to make people take action as a rule of thumb! You need an impact. Otherwise, nobody cares. Do you need a new fan? – Bribe them to be your fans with a valuable gift. Do you need a new friend request? – Bribe them to be your friends with a valuable gift. For example you say: ”Hey, send me a friend request, I’ll accept you and give you my excellent video course that normally costs an awful lot of money”. Then, as soon as you accept a new contact, drop them a message with a link to the page where they can watch your videos. Do you need a new member for your own group? – Again, bribe them to be members with a valuable gift. It’s pretty much the same as you attract folks to opt-in to your email newsletter.

Important! The incentive products you’re giving away must not contain sales pitches.

You’re interested in strong relations with your potential customers. Sales attempts on this early stage are repellent. You’d better invest your patience in raising a large responsive community with high level engagement around your business. Yes, it sounds weird to a newbie: ”In order to drive free traffic from Facebook to your website – drive traffic to your Facebook profile, page and group from your website or any other places you can”. This seems to be the most stupid and uncool social media marketing tip ever! What the hell? I came here for free traffic! I want Facebook to bring it to me but instead I have to bring it to Facebook!

Build your ”tribe” on Facebook first, then it’ll generate you traffic and leads. You can even sell your own or affiliate products and services time after time right from your profile, page or group. No ”tribe” – no traffic. It’s just a LOT easier to convert Facebook users to your ”tribe” finding them anywhere else besides Facebook. You can’t send friend requests to more then 25 people on Facebook but you can grow a large network of connections in no time on Linkedin for instance. All of them use Facebook as they’re business people who realize its power.

Don’t limit yourself to Facebook only when marketing your Facebook profile, page and group (by the way, make sure you market all three). Broaden your opportunities. As I browse through multiple sites I notice that most marketers don’t promote their Facebook properly. Just a small square with faces displayed in the sidebar or as an annoying pop-up is definitely not the way to go. This is ridiculous. It doesn’t perform well.

Think of your Facebook as a mailing list, there’s money in it too, where’s more money is still a question. So promote it creating fancy squeeze pages and forms to boost your fan base.

I’ve only seen a couple guys and a girl who applied these well-known opt-in conversion techniques to convert people in fans, friends and group members. I made friends with them and they’ve taught me a plenty of curious things about Facebook.