LinkedIn groups are great sources of targeted traffic for your business. You can easily find out a plenty of specific or even hyper specific groups relevant to your products or services to join and then start building relations with members and sharing valuable content there.

However, you’re going to face with annoying obstacles on your way.

Your requests to join many groups will be pending for ages. You can’t have more than 13 pending requests on the average, sometimes this number is different.

But the most enraging problem you can have on Linkedin is SWAM (site wide auto moderation). SWAM is a disaster. Your posts and comments are automatically held for review in all of your groups. You will have to wait for an approval for weeks, months or forever. All it takes to get SWAM’d is a moderator of one of your groups or a bunch of bastards who probably suffer from the down syndrome to flag your content as inappropriate.Keep in mind, there are lots of folks who enjoy kicking asses.

Whatever you post you’ll be SWAM’d sooner or later. SWAM usually lasts for 2 weeks or so.Don’t wanna dwell on it. I recommend you to get used to this “Linkedin jail”.

No matter how often you’re punished, remember, this place is just screwed up, it’s not your fault, put up with that, brothers and sisters, it’s still worth a deal, no panic, don’t give up and stop searching for a clue to get rid of SWAM, it’s useless.

Here’s how you lessen your disappointments and profit from groups:

1. There are cool active groups that accept you automatically. However, you’ve got to belong to 5-10 groups before you apply. Otherwise, your request will be pending. Make sure you join 10 groups before trying a group after group to get on board instantly.

2. Check out your pending submissions and note how fast they get published. Stick to those groups that approve your posts at least within a weak. OK, if it’s a very huge group, let it be a month as an exclusion. Leave those places with slow moderation or no moderation at all, don’t waste your time.

3. Leave groups that remove your pending submissions. It’s a very bad sign. They don’t like your content. If you posted it when not SWAM’d and have it shown up in that group they would flag it and get you SWAM’d.

4. Don’t limit yourself with 50 groups Linkedin allows you to join. You can start discussions and drop comments in some open groups you’re not a member of. Of course you’ll end up with pending submissions there regardless of your group posting status, SWAM’d or not. But if it’s a well-moderated community and your post gets accepted you reach a new area of influence with your message. Be sure to post something exclusive and valuable there rather than just a link with a couple lines of blah-blah-blah. C’mon, this is your contribution!Compile a list of groups you don’t belong that approve your submissions fast to come back and use them again and again increasing traffic to your website.

5. Make popular posts in groups to get more exposure. The popularity of your post in a group depends on the number of comments and likes it receives. The more the better. I’m not saying you should produce some sort of content bomb that collects it all itself. No need to crack your head creating a magic pill.

What about some team work? Submit a good post that develops into a discussion to a large active open group of 20-50k members. Then ask some of your Linkedin friends to like and comment on it. In return you go to their posts in other groups and do the same. Cross-promote each other. As long as all of you add a thought or two to your started discussions, your posts will be kept in the section for popular posts in your favorite groups.

Hope you liked these techniques!